Introduction May is mental health awareness month, but the conversation around mental health is ongoing and ever-evolving. This is especially true amongst the youth, who are now more than ever aware of the importance of protecting their mental health and speaking up about issues. The Tell Robert Foundation is here to be a valuable resource for our young adults. Joining…Read More

Segment 1: Guests David Fenstersheib and Stephanie Fenstersheib Lariosa share the family tragedy that prompted their founding the TellRobert Foundation to help fund mental health support organizations. Segment 2: Annika Holder, Interim Director of Miami-Dade County's Community Action and Human Services Division, discusses the benefits of enrolling in the County's 'Head Start' education program for children up to age…Read More

May has been dubbed mental health awareness month in the hopes of calling attention to an illness that is thought to affect at least one in five American adults. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) believes since the pandemic, that figure could have doubled. Only a fraction will get help. All too often mental illness goes undiagnosed. Robert David…Read More

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